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I provide a comprehensive range of corporate investigative services for clients such as international law firms and accountants, financial institutions and major corporations through to private individuals who wish to gain greater knowledge through our investigative knowledge methods.


The range and scope of my services have been developed over many years and meet the diverse needs of the private and and public sector, from surveillance that targets a specific location or person to the provision of information through my team of researchers.


Myself and my team of experienced investigators are highly skilled in uncovering valuable deal-related background information and operational knowledge of third parties. We make clients fully aware of important background information, so they are in a stronger position before they sign any contracts.

General Investigations


You may need to know what your employees, competitors or even your family members are doing. Who are they meeting? where? And why? Our surveillance provides clients with the answers to these questions.


My surveillance teams have extensive experience of mounting comprehensive covert surveillance operations, using fully trained operatives who are specialists in this field.


All operatives have backgrounds in Police, military or government surveillance teams, ensuring the highest possible level of expertise for clients. I can supply both male and female operatives, and have access to a wide range of vehicles, including motorcycles, cars and covert surveillance vans. All surveillance team members are equipped with digital and video cameras.


Anti-Surveillance & Counter Surveillance.


In certain situations, clients need to have complete reassurance that their movements are entirely free from third party observation from either a hostile threat or an intrusive media operation. my operatives have wide ranging experience of working in hostile environments which means they are ideally equipped to detect this type of risk.



Hostile parties are increasingly using electronic devices to bug business premises, board meetings, private dwellings, phones and computers in order to gain information covertly.


I provide a full de-bugging and electronic sweeping service to give clients peace of mind that they are not subject to unwanted electronic eavesdropping. My team can sweep any facility, home, business premises, boat, car or aircraft for hostile devices. If we locate any devices, we discuss our findings with the client in a safe and sterile location, and subsequently agree an action plan.


My services also include overt and covert CCTV, in order to protect my clients business or home environment premises.

Electronic Counter Measures

Business Law



Personal profiles are invaluable in order to fill in the details that lie behind a persons CV. This service is particularly valuable for potential employers where the employment is of a sensitive or confidential nature. When a client requires an in-depth vetting procedure, we use our investigative skills to secure a complete background profile from open source information and data bases.


I can also interview personal referees and carry out family and business background checks to establish an individuals viability.

Personal Profiles/Vetting


Discretion, experience, tenacity and investigative skills are all paramount when tracing missing people, whether they are debtors, missing witnesses or estranged friends or family members. We use a variety of skills to locate missing people utilising investigative techniques and our own global network of contacts and open source data bases.


Whether the client needs to trace the person for private or business reasons my investigators use the maximum of discretion without compromising our clients position.


Our intelligence and investigation services cover asset tracing and recovery.

Tracing Missing Persons
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I provide fully trained,qualified and licenced  Close Protection Operatives, they provide a discreet and highly professional service.

The close protection teams all have extensive military experience and I can provide both male and female operatives.

I can further provide in-house drivers and residential security personnel.

All the security team members have both corporate and private client experience in hostile environments.



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